‘Let us Pray’ –  Lent 2021 – Turton Moorland Team

Five weeks praying in different ways –
learning new ways to pray –
putting our roots down.

Join us on a shared adventure
as individuals, as families
as the church family

A daily task or project in prayer and five different approaches over the five weeks – hopefully, riches for everyone to enjoy


Week 1 – Praying with the psalms

We know the psalms are there but maybe we don’t see them as a resource for our prayers. A hymnbook of praise, reflection, lament. Enjoy our favourite psalms and discover new ones.

Week 2 – Praying with hymns and songs

If we can’t sing in church, we can still have hymns and songs at home. Like the psalms, songs of praise and hymns of reflection. But we can also use secular music to help us pray. A week to lift our spirits.

Week 3 – Praying with Jesus

What can we learn from Jesus and how he prayed. He was busy; he was down; he was angry; he rejoiced. He was in tune with his heavenly Father and can teach us to be so too.

Week 4 – Praying with silence

Some of us enjoy silence, others find it distracting and even fearful. Different ways we can enter silence and stillness in the day and discover the peace of God.

Week 5 – Praying with art and image

How can we use images and the things around us to help us in our prayers? Praying is not just about words. Icons, architecture, what is in our church buildings and outside can all help us pray.

May this exploration strengthen us in our prayer-life, in our faith and in our walk with God.

Find the Resources online www.turtonmoorlandteam.co.uk

If you are not online we can deliver the resources to you weekly.