Sunday 11th Oct


Today we’re keeping Harvest Festival in church. It will have a different feel this year, as we’re not able to sing our favourite harvest hymns or bring our gifts to the altar for blessing. We’re still keeping all the recommended measures in our weekly worship but somehow that still focuses our thoughts and prayers.

Harvest Thanksgiving needs very little explanation. Our ancestors were directly dependent on the fruits of the earth. If the village harvest was poor then people had nothing to eat as winter went on. We see that happening across the world today in lands where the harvest fails on a regular basis through drought or disease, or where they have to work land owned by conglomerates.

Christian Aid is only one of the global charities that try to mitigate the worst effects, help people develop alternative sources of income and new skills. See the separate note about how you can help raise money for Christian Aid this year.

We are not as closely connected to the earth as they are, even in a Team that contains some of the few farms in Manchester diocese. But in the end, we’re all connected because we need the food that comes from the earth and seas. We should be ashamed that food poverty is an everyday part of our country. Instead of improving, it’s getting worse and will continue to do so as the pandemic’s toll on jobs gathers pace.

We will do what we can: our harvest gifts will go to Urban Outreach for distribution across Bolton. If you aren’t coming to church please bring your donation to the Grub Tub at the Vicarage.

While we offer thanks to the God of the harvest may we never lose sight of those for whom survival, enough food, clean water is a daily struggle.



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