Sunday 12th July

INTRODUCTION The service taking place in church today is not our usual type of service. We call it a Service of the Word and it focuses on the Word of God through the readings, prayers and sermon. We decided to do this so that we can get used to the constraints due to the precautions against COVID19. We’ll be celebrating Holy Communion next week, God willing, with distancing and the rest. In format, it’s pretty similar to what we have become used to in our Worship at Home but we have added some elements specifically for today. In church, we’ll be blessing the Easter Candle, as we weren’t able to do that on Easter Day. And we’re including a thanksgiving for worshipping together again after so long. A theme running through the readings for today is that God’s word is active even when we struggle to see it. It doesn’t return empty to him. If we can trust in that, we shall go out with joy!

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