Sunday 14th June Trinity 1


We call this Ordinary Time but it’s still extraordinary to us! Every day seems to bring some new regulation or change in how we are supposed to live. It’s hard to keep on top of it. And although things are reportedly getting better it doesn’t actually feel like it. Those of us with children or with connections to schools will know things are still not clear about bringing more children back to school before the summer holidays.

But Ordinary Time is always extraordinary with God. One of the strong strands of our faith is that he doesn’t give up on his promises and purposes. Jesus taught that God’s kingdom was upon them and that demanded of his hearers a change of heart. First, an acknowledgement that they were not worthy and then a commitment to work with him to change the world. That change and task are ours now, aided by the Holy Spirit. If every day is dedicated to establishing God’s rule in our lives then Ordinary Time becomes extraordinary indeed.

Jan’s reflection focuses on the trust in God that kept the Israelites and the disciples going. That’s our inheritance also; trust in the coming of his kingdom, which makes every day extraordinary.

We’re getting nearer to being able to worship together in the church, and when we do, it will be in thanksgiving and in trust. However tricky the practical arrangements will need to be we know he’ll be with us, as he has been since this all began.

Revd Jan


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