Sunday 19th July


It was a joy to be in church last Sunday for the first time in so long. There were 46 people there including 8 children. Everyone was careful to observe the conditions. As we are not singing or exclaiming, the congregational prayers were said quietly and reflectively, which gave the service a meditative feel. After the service, it was good to catch up with everyone in the sunshine.

This Sunday the service will be Holy Communion, with appropriate distancing. There are clear rules about praying over the bread and wine and receiving communion, which we will be following.

The next step is to make decisions about baptism services. Then we’ll be as near normal as we’re likely to get for the foreseeable future.

This week we’re thinking about another parable about seeds. This time focusing on a strange dilemma. Good seeds are sown but an enemy sows weeds in among the crop. The farmer tells his servants not to try and separate them but leave it until the harvest. Sometimes we can’t distinguish between what will bear good fruit and what is good for nothing, a dead end. Sometimes it’s only at the end that we can really see what is of God and what is not. Do you think this is intended as a comment on what we do as a church, or as individual Christians?

‘The grace of doing nothing’, as one commentator put it, could be a godly response to situations which are not at all clear. Perhaps we rush to action when the outcome could be damaging instead of cleansing. Even more, perhaps we rush to judgement when we should leave it to God. Think on, as the prophet said.

Revd Jan

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