Sunday 1st Nov


I always have a feeling of anticipation as we leave Ordinary Time – Trinity – behind at the beginning of November. All the Sundays that follow are something special. November is the month of remembering. Today is All Saints’ Sunday when we remember those who have been honoured in the faith for their discipleship and dedication.

That’s followed immediately on Monday 2 November by All Souls’ Day. It seems that Hallowe’en s a bit more low key this year as we can’t let children out to trick or treat. And a good thing too! For Christians, it’s a travesty of the festival we want to keep when we remember our own loved ones who have died. There will be a funeral in church this year, on the most fitting day of all.

Then we move to Remembrance Sunday on 8th November and Armistice Day on 11th November. It doesn’t matter that the two World Wars recede ever further into the past: we need to be reminded, year after year, of the horror and futility of war, even when we are convinced it is justified.

The final special day in November if 22, when we keep the feast of Christ the King to remind ourselves of who we venerate and obey. What kind of king do we follow? What would the world be like if he reigned supreme?

So as we go into the darkest time of the year we’re given these Sundays, to focus on those who have shone in the world or who have given their lives so that the light does not go out.

Light a candle and put it in your window to show the neighbourhood that we stand for good and for God.

Revd Jan


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