Sunday 23rd Aug


Before we know it, it will be September and time for schools to open again. It will be rather a different new term this time as they will still be observing restrictions in place for COVID. Children will be taught in smaller bubbles for most of the day and hygiene measures like hand washing will be part of the routine.

There are some questions for us at church too as we look to restart our children’s activities.

Parents will be anxious about the health issues but some will also be anxious about how they will prove their church attendance when it’s needed for application to church schools. For 2020 those schools have written off attendance from 12th March to the end of the term. But that’s a one-off due to the pandemic. September will see them reverting to counting the number of church attendances of both parents and children.

The issues for us are twofold: first, can we offer safely any collective children’s activities at all, and is the Scout Hut a safe venue, and secondly, do we have space in the church, properly distanced, for all the families that want to return.

We are making plans for how we welcome children and families back to church. Watch this space!

We’ll also be planning to prepare those children who are old enough (8 years old +) and regular in their attendance at church for admission to Holy Communion. We’ll be in touch with the families we know with the arrangements.

The PCC will be meeting in September with responsibility for planning our autumn activities in the light of where we are at the moment. This includes the Annual Parochial Meeting which reviews the mission and work of the church over the last momentous year. Watch this space for dates and times.

Revd Jan


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