Sunday 28th June


A patronal festival is a happy occasion when we give thanks for the saints to whom our churches are dedicated. Maxentius is an obscure saint; a monk who lived over 1500 years ago somewhere in the south of France. No-one knows why a church in Bradshaw would be named after him. There’s only one dedicated to him in France, his native country, so why in Bolton? Perhaps it was a fancy of Galindo, our first vicar.

As well as giving thanks for our patron saint, we look to see how they provide an example for us in our Christian discipleship. Normally we’d not find much in common with a long ago person who lived all his adult life in a monastery but these days our lives are perhaps more similar than we thought.

A patronal festival is also an opportunity to give to the church, so if you’ve not been able to make your regular giving to the church why not collect it all together in one cheque and send it to us? If you have switched to standing order – a great move because it removes the need to handle cash – then send us a card on our saint’s day. (A gift in his honour is also welcome!)


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