Sunday 29th Nov


 Happy New Year! Advent is the start of the church’s year, beginning the cycle of praise and prayer again. 

I love the Advent season. It always strikes the right note for me in contrast to the way this time of the year is presented in society at large. For in church we change all the hangings to purple, the colour of penitence. Like Lent give us space to prepare for Easter, Advent does the same for Christmas. As Jan says, we care greatly about getting everything ready in terms of food and decorations and presents. But do we prepare our hearts? 

The Christmas message is so extraordinary that we poor humans can only bow down in awe. That’s why we are so conscious of our shortcomings as we get ready. And that’s why we keep a season of penitence, of Advent. 

Our Advent devotions take four themes out of the Bible passages set. The four Sundays of Advent build up to the final, best theme of love for Christmas Day. Today we think about faith, and how that prepares us for the birth of the Christ child. 

Much has been made of how different Christmas will be this year. But for us it is always different; our faith makes it so. 

Happy preparations! 

Revd Jan 


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