Sunday 6th Sept


Our children go back to school this week, and it will be a very different experience from before. They’ll be keeping within their own small groups and getting into the habit of washing their hands at regular intervals. I wonder what other lessons they’ll be learning as they go?

There is a lot of thought among educational professionals about the impact the pandemic is having on children. The new arrangements could contribute to pupil anxiety with their potentially not being in the same friendship groups, not having their own teacher, not being able to move around or play as before. Even our three-year-old grandson knows that getting too close risks coronavirus infection. The adults in the school will do much to calm their fears, through for them too anxiety will play a part, especially as cases seem to be on the rise again in Bolton.

As our Wednesday service, starts and we make our own contribution to the spiritual well-being of children let’s keep teachers, school staff and children in our prayers, that they may meet the new circumstances in hope and trust.

Revd Jan


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