Sunday 8th Nov


We aren’t able to keep Remembrance Sunday together as a congregation but today I will carry out by myself the key part of the ceremony. I’ll stand at the war memorial, read the names of Bradshaw’s fallen, and lay the three wreaths before keeping the 2-minute silence. We’ll stream it via Facebook etc so you can watch it and make your own remembrance.

And the recorded Team service also includes names from all four churches and 2-minute silence. The service involves people from each of the parishes, including Nick Fielding from our church. Nick is a former Royal Engineer and speaks with the knowledge of one who has lost comrades in the hostilities that our armed forces are still engaged with.

It doesn’t matter that the two World Wars recede ever further into the past: we need to be reminded of the horror and futility of war even when we believe it to be justified. And to remember those who fought those wars, and lost their lives.

I’ve included a Service of Light in our service. You’ll need 5 candles as we remember all the armed forces and support services who bear the brunt of conflict on behalf of all of us. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough candles; say the biddings and the prayers anyway.

Revd Jan


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