Something to read and build during Holy week – imagine, build, reflect and have fun!

Palm Sunday – The Triumphant Entry Matthew 21:1-11
Build Jesus on a donkey with crowds of people cheering and waving palm leaves.
I wonder what it felt like to be in that crowd in Jerusalem?

Jesus Clears the Temple Matthew 21:12-17
Build a temple.
I wonder how Jesus felt and what the people thought in the Temple?

Maundy Thursday – Dinner with Friends Matthew 26:26-29
Build the table with Jesus and the disciples sat around it.
I wonder what it would be like to have dinner with Jesus?

Good Friday – The Crucifixion Matthew 27:32-66
Build the 3 crosses of Jesus and the two thieves.
I wonder if the people were sorry after Jesus’ death?

Easter Sunday – The Resurrection Matthew 28:1-10
Build the empty tomb.
I wonder how it felt for Jesus’ friends to see the empty tomb?


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