Thursday Coventry Cathedral – A Modern Classic

Architecture, and not only Church Architecture, can be a starting point for prayer. Today we take one example – a cathedral rebuilt after WW2 with large, vivid expressions of our faith, often in new mediums.








The baptistry window above uses light to show the light of Christ, whereas the font itself is fashioned from a piece of natural rock.

It what ways do these features, and the others given below, help you to draw nearer to God’s presence?

Does one form of expression speak to you more clearly than another?




Where are your favourite churches and stained-glass, or sculptures?


    St Michael’s Victory over the Devil.           Christ in Glory – Tetramorph

sculpture by Jacob Epstein.                 tapestry by Graham Sutherland.

The larger than life bronze sculpture symbolises the victory of good over evil, showing a winged angel with spear, standing with arms and legs spread above the bound figure of the horned devil.

The tapestry depicts a seated Risen Christ, within an oval mandorla on a green background, surrounded by the symbols of the Four Evangelists: a lion for St Mark, an eagle for St John, a calf for St Luke, and an angel for St Matthew; these are the tetramorph (four shapes) of the title. The Christ figure wears a white robe, and is sitting on at throne, face on, with both hands raised towards his face. Loops around the head suggest a halo. Between his feet is a life sized figure of a man, made diminutive by the colossal scale of the Christ-figure. At the base of the tapestry is a small Crucifixion scene.

What do these works of art make you feel? Do they help to bring you closer to God?

Choose one of the illustrations and use it as a focus for prayer.

See if you can find another piece of architectural art, or make one for yourself, which speaks to you of God’s glory.