We will concentrate on two psalms today Psalm 145 and Psalm 8

Psalm 145 tells of the memory of God passed from one generation to another, verse 4

‘One generation shall laud your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts…’

Think of all the people who have influenced your faith throughout your lifetime.

Make a list, either in reality or in your head, and try to discern what influence these people had and what difference this made to your faith and way of life.

For example – my parents and grandparents were committed Christians so I grew up in a Christian home – church was to me just an extension of home.

On the plane on my way to Ethiopia for my first teaching job I opened the Bible my sister had given me and saw she had written inside the cover Psalm 139.9/10

Look it up you will see what I mean.

The congregation of St George’s Anglican Church Addis Ababa where I saw that Christianity truly was a worldwide religion open to people from all countries.

A lady at Christ Church, Walmsley who when acting as lay assistant, made you feel that she was giving the greatest gift of all time – which of course she was.

The person who unwittingly set me on the path of ordination.

This is not an exhaustive list it could go on and on.

Psalm 8

The memory that God is the creator of all and that he holds the whole of humankind in his all-embracing love.

You could draw a picture or design that shows the interconnectedness of the world not just now but through the generations.