Friday – Review time

Look back over the week.

If we reflect on our prayer, we can begin to make real and grounded connections between our prayer and our lived experience – between God’s story in Scripture and the story and mystery of God in our own lives. After a prayer time, make yourself a drink and spend a few minutes reflecting on what happened during your prayer time.

How was I when I began my prayer time? Where was I during the prayer?
What thoughts came to me during my prayer? What feelings were around during the prayer? Is there a word or phrase that stands out for me? Where was God in my prayer? What was my experience of God? What is God saying to me?
How was God/Jesus looking at me? How do I feel now? Is it different from when I began? If it is different, where was the movement during my prayer time? What brought about the change of mood?

Do not panic if you cannot answer all the questions. God will guide you to the ones which are important for you. Afterwards, perhaps jot down a few notes in a notebook.