This Lent will be different from previous Lents.

We cannot do all the things we would like to do.

A balanced spirituality includes

  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Scripture
  • Communion
  • Care and concern for others
  • Supporting the church

Most of these we are used to doing together or with others. We worship in our churches and receive Communion together. We hear the Scriptures in our sermons and we join in prayer together. We have church meetings and we go and visit people and host Toddler Groups and coffee mornings etc. This diet has been reduced at the moment to praying on our own and accessing online worship. Many of us are unable to offer the help we would normally do.

So for the next few weeks, as we progress through Lent, we are going to explore ways of enriching our prayer-life, of trying new and other ways to pray, because prayer is something we can do on our own, and will sustain us when the other things are taken away, but many of us are not confident in praying.

Try and make time each day – just 10 minutes or so but you might like to make a bit more time –   time when you can focus, whether as an individual or as a family.

Get yourselves comfortable, and try and avoid distractions just for this time.

Each week there will be an introductory session explaining the theme for the week and then from Monday to Friday a daily exercise and reflection. Saturday is a day for you to be creative and imaginative, maybe taking an aspect of the week and giving it more time.

  • Enjoy
  • Be prepared to be surprised
  • Be prepared to be challenged

When we pray, we seek to come into God’s presence and hear God’s voice. That is wonderful but it will change us.

Be prepared!