Sunday 20th Nov


Christ the King Sunday marks the end of the little season of remembering in November. We remember who we serve and what kind of king he is. We often think of God as king and Lord and sometimes all that imagery feels a bit triumphalist and bombastic. In our democratic age the idea of and almighty ruler strikes the wrong note. 

But when we think of Christ as king we are in very different territory. We think of him, as he told us, as the king who serves. 

As I sit at my desk, I can see the Grub Tub and the boxes for collecting Shloer. (If you’re not aware St Max has contracted to provide 50 bottles for Urban Outreach to include in the Christmas hampers they send out – ‘Christmas dinner on Jesus’. They can be left at the Vicarage carport by the Grub Tub. 

For us this is a way of serving. Giving to those in need through Urban Outreach or any other organisation dedicated to the service of those in need is perhaps the best we can manage these days. All those of you who volunteer are having your work put on hold for the time being. But when we find ourselves released back into life with other people we may find the need has spiralled. How will we service others then? 

PCC met on Tuesday and we spent some time thinking about how we will celebrate Christmas. In the current circumstances. We’ll be publicising that in a couple of weeks. 

Meanwhile, Advent is upon us. We’ll not be in church for Advent Sunday on 29th November so the start of this lovely season will happen in our homes. Across the Team, we’re suggesting you make your own Advent wreath. Our Advent devotions will give you a reflection, reading and prayer to say each Sunday as you light your candles. Look out for the details and start creating! 

Revd Jan 


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